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Entails listening to recorded audio (or video) and typing what you hear word-for-word. The audio files are varied and can include focus groups for market research, interviews, meetings, phone calls, zoom calls etc.


It involves creating captions for recorded audio or video. Offline captioning involves more specialized knowledge of how to place the captions within the video with the right timing.

Data Annotation

Involves annotating an image with data labels. The annotation task usually involves manual work with computer-assisted help.


Subtitling is the translation of the text display of a video’s dialogue into another language. Similar to captioning, these are also superimposed onto the video during playback, but allow people to consume content in their non-native language.

Image and video collection

Entails recording, in any form, from which a moving image may by any means be reproduced and includes data stored on a computer disc or by other electronic means which is capable of conversion into a moving image.

Quality assessment

Before delivery, transcription requires a thorough quality assurance process. Quality is the most important aspect of transcription. In transcription, accuracy is the key to success. The transcript or text format should match what was stated in the video or audio file as closely as possible.

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We proof read our work in 3 stages to make sure we deliver what is expected at the end of the task.



The above is the turn around time for files less than 3 hours. Our transcribers are available round the clock to ensure exceptional work is submitted.

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